Team 5419 is a Berkeley based high school robotics team. Every year, Team 5419 competes in the international FIRST FRC robotics competition against thousands of other high school teams. The mission of Team 5419 is to provide high school students hands-on experience in STEM and business that they will carry with them through college and into their future careers.

Our team is located at Berkeley High School, one of the largest schools in the bay area. We are student-led with over 20 dedicated members. Every year, we participate in recruitment events to grow our program.


Our team was founded in 2015 as Team 5499. At the time, the team was independent of the high school. The team was given access to an old basement and was able to participate in the 2015 robotics season. After the end of the season that year, the team was able to find space at Berkeley High School and became a club there. At the end of that season, the team had grown considerably in size. The team remained at Berkeley High School until halfway through the 2017 season, when there were some disputes between the student leadership and the team mentors. Team 5499 split off from the school and moved back into the basement that they were in originally.

Some of the students stayed behind and created a new team, Team 5419. The 2017 season was rough, as most of the tools had gone with Team 5499. The team persevered and competed at the San Francisco regional. That summer, the school renovated the space where Team 5419 was working and build a beautiful new shop. In 2018, Team 5419 was much more successful. The team built a much better robot than the previous year and was able to compete at two events.


This team would not be possible without the help of our amazing mentors. They really hold the team together and are a big part in making our ideas reality 

Dirk Wright

Randy Lam

Ely Feldsher

Ben Scholar

Lisa Winter

The Team

And of course, we cannot forget the students that actually make this team what it is.