Lead Mentors

Dirk Wright

I teach a variety of robotics classes at Berkeley High. I am both the teacher sponsor and lead mentor for Team Berkelium.

Mechanical Mentors

Cyndia Cao

I am a graduate student in Mechanical Engineering at UC Berkeley who is working on improving planetary rover mobility in challenging terrains. I joined the team in 2019 and am a FRC alum from team 469 in Michigan.

Controls Mentors

Andy Cate

I am an undergraduate at UC Berkeley studying electrical engineering and computer science. I was on Team 5499 since freshman year in high school, and joined Team 5419 once the two teams merged.

Connor Worley

I work as a software engineer at Dropbox and have been involved with FIRST for 10 years as a student and a mentor. I enjoy watching students grow and learn skills that will help them succeed later in life.

Business Mentors

Eliot Wachtel

I was one of the original members of the 5419 team and was on the team all four years of high school. I graduated Spring of 2020 and transitioned into the role of remote mentor. I am now a college student at UCSC studying robotics engineering.