Summer Camp Info (2021)

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Join the award-winning BHS robotics team for a 1 Week Robotics Exploration!

We are excited to announce a new engineering summer camp for Berkeley middle school students! RoboCamp consists of a one-week program where students design, build, and code a robot in small groups and compete in a mini competition at the end of the week.  No prior experience is required!

Campers will learn design and coding skills from (vaccinated!) members of the BHS robotics team and have supervised access to our team fabrication equipment (3D printer, laser cutter).  RoboCamp will be held in-person at BHS in cohorts of 12 or fewer students per 2 staff. Registration fees will support BHS robotics team projects and activities in the coming competition season and will be tax-deductible! 🙂

July 12 – 16  (12:15PM – 4:15PM) For rising 6th-9th grade students   –  Registration $285

Apply today!      Spots are limited!       Application Link   

Contact Info:  [email protected]


What to Expect

RoboCamp starts at 12:15 and ends at 4:15 (see the weekly schedule above)

RoboCamp will take place in room G109 and the makerspace (G112) at Berkeley High School. We will meet in G109 on Monday. You can enter the Berkeley High School campus through the M gate (next to the M building) and enter the G building through the door closest to the football field. (map below)

A map of Berkeley High School annotated with robo camp location.

Contact Info
Teacher in charge – Mr Wright: 510-418-4187 (classroom G107)
BUSD Administrator – Wyn Skeels ([email protected])
Camper Family Contact info – Campers will fill out an emergency contact form on the first day of camp. please ensure that your camper knows your phone #s and address.

Food/Water – Berkeley High Campus rules currently prohibit eating or drinking in the classroom. We will have a 15 min refreshment break at 2:00 PM each day so that students can go outside to eat/drink. We will provide bottled water but you should pack a snack to eat at this time!

Shop/Tools Safety
The robotics kits we are using are not hazardous. We will, however, demonstrate the use of a) Laser cutter b) 3D printer c) soldering irons, and d) CNC router. For these demonstrations, campers will be provided protective equipment (safety glasses) and instructed to look and not touch. Campers will also design projects for these tools to make, however only the trained student instructors will operate the laser cutter, 3D printer or CNC router.

Note: Campers will be allowed to practice the use of a soldering iron after the demonstration. A soldering iron is a tool with a hot tip that melts the solder. If used following the correct safety procedure there is a very small chance of getting burnt by the tip, however, please let us know if you prefer that your camper does not participate in this activity. 

What can we bring home?
– pictures/videos: feel free to make videos of your work using a phone or other device so that you can show your family.
– parts: any of the parts or projects made in the makerspace you can take home.
– robots: The robot kits we will use are owned by BUSD and we can not allow students to take them home. Any customer parts you make for your robot in the maker space can be taken home at the end of camp.

COVID safety. 
We will be following all current BUSD covid protocols for in-person meetings

– Masks: Mask must be warned by all campers and instructors at all times on BHS campus (indoors and outdoors) so bring your mask
– Symptom Checks: BUSD does not currently require daily digital symptom checks by students and staff. However, you must practice good judgment and NOT come to camp if you are feeling sick or have any of the common symptoms of COVID 19. We will send students home who have symptoms
– Cohorts: BUSD is currently NOT limiting cohort size however we already planned to run the camp with two separate stable groups (12) and we will keep this plan for simplicity.
– Social Distancing: BUSD currently requires students to be seated 3ft apart. We will follow this rule in the room setup. Partners who work with each other will sit opposite at two separate desks.
– Vaccinations: All instructors (adults and student instructors) for this camp are fully vaccinated. We are not allowed to collect data on the vaccination status of campers and do not have the expectation that all campers are vaccinated.
– Access limitations: BUSD is currently limiting campus access to students, staff, and teachers. For parents and families: Please drop off your camper at the M Gate. Please do not come on campus or into the G building.
– Contact tracing – BUSD has a contact racing procedure established. If your camper comes in contact with any other camper staff member or teacher with a positive case these standard procedures would take effect.

Complete BHS summer school safety plan

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