RoboCamp Day Five: The Final Showdown

RoboCamp Day Five: The Final Showdown

Following the steps of iterative engineering, students began Day 5 by adjusting their code and sumo bots based on what they’d learned from competitions in the past few days. The 3D-printed interfaces and laser-cut mechanisms were added to the robots and autonomous code was perfected. After four days of programming drivetrains, CADing designs, fabricating custom parts, and building robots, students were ready for the final competitions.

A student finishes the autonomous code for their robot in preparation for the final competition.

The first challenge was with driver control. Returning to the round-robin tournament style, students competed in the ring until two finalists from each cohort were decided upon; “Okay” represented Cohort 1, and “The Dead Gooses” represented Cohort 2. Although the match was close, “The Dead Gooses” managed to push “Okay” out of the ring and secure victory.

Next came the autonomous challenge. Some teams coded their robots to turn a random number of degrees (within a range) when they detected the ring while others focused on using the distance sensor to locate opponents. Eventually, it came down to Cohort 1’s “Garfield” against Cohort 2’s “AWA”, and “AWA” ended up victorious.

It was time for the Battle Royale, where all the sumo bots competed against each other within one ring. Although “Okay” was a crowd favorite, making it to the top three, “AWA” ended up winning! You can watch all the competitions in the video below!

We have been taking a lot of photos. You can see them all at the album here.

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