RoboCamp Day Four

RoboCamp Day Four

We started the day with some fun Kahoots. This day was less structured. Now that students had done most of the learning, it was time to get creative! The goals for the day were getting robots to drive autonomously and designing at least one custom part for each team’s robot.

Student working on cad
Students work on parts in the shop

On the top, a student works on their robot parts in CAD software, and on the bottom, two students manufacture a part for their robot in the shop.

Using an iterative design process, students made their robot part in software, fabricated it on the 3D printer or laser cutter with the help of a mentor, tested it on their robot, made changes if needed, and repeat. While students waited for their parts to get cut out or printed, they worked on their code. Each team employed a unique driving strategy that paired well with their custom parts. Most teams made use of both color and distance sensors. Teams used the color sensor to detect the border of the sumo ring and keep their robot inside it. Using the distance sensor, teams were able to locate the other robot in the ring and try to push it out.

A mentor helps a student with their code

In the image above, a mentor helps a student with their code.

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