RoboCamp Day One

RoboCamp Day One

We started the day by playing some fun games to get to know each other. After that, students got into pairs and dove straight into building their base robots!

Students working on their robot

students working on their robot

After taking a snack break, students came back to add the finishing touches to their robots before the first competition. In a round-robin-style tournament, teams were paired against each other to fight in the sumo ring. The last robot with all four wheels inside the ring was declared the winner. Fifteen battles later, the two cohorts each sent their strongest team (decided by wins) to a final competition with cohort pride and bragging rights on the line. Although the match was close, “The Crabs” were ultimately victorious. You can watch their epic standoff below!

The main objective of these battles was not as much to win as it was to develop a strategy for the final battle. Tomorrow, students will learn about the design and fabrication processes through experience with CAD software, the laser cutter, and the 3D printer. Later, they’ll combine this knowledge with strategies learned from the initial competition to design robot parts of their own!

The Final Day One Competition

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